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Flava Invasion II 2007
By Chimere Cross
Posted Mar 9, 2007

I have to say that going to Flava Invasion 2 was the best salsa experience I've ever had. As everyone knows, Marques and I went to Atlanta to attend Flava Invasion 2. The talent and the performances were excellent. Flava Invasion 2 was hosted by Atlanta's best, Gordon Neil. There were 2 days of performances and workshops and 3 parties total, Friday through Sunday. Other than everything starting late (very late) and the dance floor falling apart because people were dancing so hard, it was a "salsa congress" that I will never forget. Not only did I get to see some of the nation's best salsa talents perform, I got to see them social dance live. And not only did I get to see them social dance live, I got the chance to dance with some of the nation's best. I was able to dance with Shaka Brown, Joel Massicot, Psyon Mauricio Scott, Leon Rose, and Darlin Garcia. I also met Griselle Ponce and Joby Brava, very cool women. Other talents also include Magna Gopal, Jareu Almeyda,Tropical Gem, Sekou McMiller, Juan Matos, Bachata Greg, Henry Herrera, Mark-Anthony, The Cobo brothers, and Troy Anthony and Jorjet Alcocer. Orville Small unfortunately cancelled. If you don't know who these salsa talents are, please do some research. Look them up on the internet or Youtube. They are all excellent dancers from which I and a few others have learned from. Also, no one that you danced with made you feel inferior or uncomfortable. I met so many great people and plan to keep in touch with them all.

My best time had to be at the Sanctuary, sunday night (the official after party). All of the talents were in one small place and were willing to dance with anyone who asked. It was hot and sweaty salsa all night long. I had to stop dancing for a while to catch my breathe, but it didn't take me too long to get back up. Great songs played one after the other. All of the talents that attended the party put on a lil show for us. We were out until 3 in the morning doing non-stop salsa dancing. We only got a few pictures because we were dancing so much. I definitely know that I will be attending Flava Invasion 3 where ever it will be and I strongly encourage everyone else to attend too.

I attached two clips from Flava Invasion 2 that I felt were good highlights and my favorite performances. One is of an all male performance by Gordon Neil, Leon Rose, Shaka Brown, Psyon Scott, and Sekou. That was a hot performance (at least from a female's point of view). And the other is at The Sanctuary where most of the salsa talent that attended Flava Invasion 2 did some impromptu dancing. Enjoy!!

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