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Halloween 2004 The Dungeon
By: Marques Gunter
Posted: Dec 7, 2004

This weekend the salseros and salseras of Indy abandoned their mortal bodies to join the undead for salsa dancing at Club Keomloen and The Blue Cactus.

Personal log - Friday Oct 29th The Dungeon
As I enter the Haunted Dungeons of Kameleon I was greeted with fire and brimstone. As if I was in the depths of hell where the bar was on fire and demons breathe fire. I wanted to run and leave this place, but I was being pulled in by a force that was stronger then my mortal will, the music. As I venture deeper in the catacombs I was greeted by beautiful fairies, 20th century witches, Chinese punk stars, mysterious men in black shades and a few innocent mortals. I continue on still being pulled in by an unnatural force, the music. I arrive to a fog cover dance floor were the undead was dancing to the same music that has brought me here, La SALSA. Without fear of what lurks in the shadows I began to dance.
---End of Log---

Alex Alex's Salsa Fridays at Club Kameleon may have been transformed into the world of the undead, but salsa still ruled the night. The dance floor was active thought out the night and without any costume malfunctions. As for the costume contest the lovely Shayne in her queen bee costume was reign.

As we all know you can not beat the queen.

Coming soon: Personal Log - Friday Oct 30th The Mascarade

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